by Ken Jakobs

The Barber of Seville

by Gioacchino Rossini

Surely the pinnacle of opera buffa, this opera is rich with great tunes, artful comedy and human foibles. Savor its memorable characters and absurd situations in this sparkling new performing translation.


Act I, Rosina: "Una voce poco fa"

"His sweet voice so touched my heart.

Now it's so full that it may break.

It hurts me so that we're apart.

How will I ever bear this ache?

He's the answer to my prayer.

I'll make him mine,

by Heaven, I swear!

The old Doctor will object.

He keeps me under lock and key.

I'll need a ploy he won’t suspect

if I'm ever to get free.

I'm always well-behaved, most respectful and polite,

humble and obedient, gentle and contrite.

I'm never willful. I'm never willful,

and let my guardian be my guide.

But, now there's something that I want,

and if you dare to block my path,

then you had better be ready to feel my wrath!

I've got some tricks to play.

I aim to get my way.

Know that I will not be denied!"