by Ken Jakobs

La Bohème

by Giacomo Puccini

"She never complains, but I feel so guilty, knowing that each day she stays with me will shorten her life!"

Probably the most beloved of all operas, "La Bohème" is beautiful and touching in Italian; heart-breaking in this English performing translation!


Act III, Mimi': "Donde lieta usci..."

"Last night, you said that we should end this. Though it breaks my heart, you’re right. I must go. We’re both in so much pain! It’s time to say goodbye. I’ll miss you...every day.

Just one small favor: I’d rather not go back to our room. In the drawer you’ll find my locket and a silver ring, and don’t forget my prayer book. Just wrap them up together in a scarf, and tomorrow I’ll send someone to get them. Oh, there’s also my bonnet, the one you bought that night. If you like…if you like, you can keep it to help you remember our love! Farewell. Forgive me, as I do you."