by Ken Jakobs

Don Giovanni

by W. A. Mozart

Many consider this great work the finest opera ever written. The music is undeniably sublime; the libretto dark but humorous. How much richer the experience is in this very entertaining and stirring new English performing translation.


Act I, #4 Leporello: "Madamina, ..."

"My dear lady, I have something to show you,

for I‘m certain that you must have wondered.

It’s a list of the women he’s plundered!

I’m afraid it confirms your worst fears.

You will see you’ve been wasting your tears!

Italians, six hundred and eleven;

then in France there were five hundred seven;

in the Rhineland just over two hundred, and...

here in Spain, he’s now up to one thousand and two!

A thousand two--including you!

Ev’ry country, ev’ry city,

he has ravaged without pity.

Be they royalty or gentry,

he will try to force an entry.

Any type or any station--

he has bedded half the nation!"