by Ken Jakobs

Suor Angelica

by Giacomo Puccini

Written late in Puccini's brilliant career, "Suor Angelica" is the second one-act of his masterful triptych, "Il Trittico". Sister Angelica is one of the great lirico-spinto soprano roles, climaxing in the heartrending aria, "Senza Mamma", as she imagines the death of her child without his mother. You will be moved as never before by this touching English performing translation.


Sister Angelica: "Senza mamma"

"Oh, my baby, you died without me. If only I'd been there to hold you; kiss your lips as they grew colder; close your beautiful eyes forever. Little hands across your chest, no more able to reach out and touch me! For you are gone now, never having known how much I loved you, how much I loved you!

But, you‘re in Heaven, a blessed little angel. You can look down and see me, see your mother. You can come from above and be here near me. Oh, please come now! Let me hear you. Let me see you. You're here. You're here. I feel your tiny hands on my face! Oh, tell me, when can I be with you in Paradise? When can we be together? Ah, sweet end to all my years of suffering: that day I can greet you in heaven. Say when shall death release me and take me to you?"