by Ken Jakobs


by Jules Massenet

"But, why awaken me, oh, gentle breath of Spring?"

For me, the most moving opera in the entire French repertory, Massenet’s searing masterpiece comes alive in this new English performing translation. The sufferings of young Werther, and his beloved Charlotte, were never more vivid or heartbreaking.


Act III, Charlotte: "Va! Laisse couler mes larmes..."

"Oh, I cannot hold back these tears! It will do me good to cry. They say that the ones we do not shed fall back inside us and wound the soul. And over time, as drop by drop, they batter, and burn, and so bruise it, with each new hurt the heart grows weaker. It aches and suffers, in constant pain, becomes exhausted, is overwhelmed, and finally becomes so fragile that it just breaks!"